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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book Four, Sutra 23. The mind-stuff, when colored by both Seer and Seen, understands everything.

When we connect with external sources of energy including telepathy and intuition in Samadhi then we start to understand everything.

The Seen is Prakriti or the chakras beneath the Base Chakra. This, "Inflow of nature" is that which creates evolution. It is the inflow of energy from external chakras of the Universe.
This is the Alchemical Process of VITRIOL, Energy Enhancement Level 1, Initiation Three, The Grounding of Negative Energies..

The Seer is Purusha and exists in the chakras above the head. It rains down chit-shakti or intelligent energy into the mind along the length of the ANTAHKARANA which because the chakras above the head connect in to every human being on the planet, as well as to higher intelligences above the planet, this intuitive intelligent energy starts to inform the mind as in telepathy and vastly, exponentially, increases the intelligence of the Mind.

This is Energy Enhancement Level One, Initiation Four - The Supra Galactic Orbit - connection with the Chakras above the head - Connection with the Illuminating Energies of the Soul, The Central Spiritual Sun of Gurdjieff.

As well as being a performer of Sacred Dance, having danced from the age of Four and then becoming a Prima ballerina and a teacher of Ballet at the age of sixteen. As well as being a teacher of Yoga from the age of eighteen and a meditation teacher from the age of thirty, Devi Dhyani is a Doctor of Law, a Barrister who practised her profession for 16 years. It normally takes Eight Years to become a Doctor of Law if you do not fail any examinations at University. Devi passed her examinations normally for the first four years of her course. However then she started practising meditation because she wanted to study harder and sleep less to do it. Instead of sleeping less, Devi slept much more but became much more efficient, intelligent. So much so that she passed the next four years of examinations in only two years. Such is the exponential power of meditation.

A. E. Van Vogt was one of the first writers of Science Fiction in the 1940's. Not only that, in the 1950's he became the President of the Dianetics foundation under the Aegis of L. Ron Hubbard - Click here for my chapter on Blockages, Scientology and Elron Hubbard.

Dianetics uses polygraphs or lie detectors to find the tension which surrounds the negative energy, ignorance lie of every energy blockage.

Once found, they have simple techniques to get rid of the energy blockage. Whilst these techniques only have the power to remove only the simplest energy blockages unlike Energy Enhancement which uses Advanced techniques used for 5000 years by Masters of Meditation, Dianetics is very efficient at  removing small Blockages.

When Elron outgrew Dianetics and went on to found the more Religious Scientology, A.E. Van Vogt remained behind as the President of Dianetics.

A.E. Van Vogt wrote the book, "Slan" about the next stage of Human Evolution, but he was really referring to the next stage of evolution of humanity which starts with Meditation and Dianetics and then goes on to the Removal Of Energy Blockages..

The Energy Enhancement Energy Blockage Directory is here.

The removal of all energy blockages is when you become clear!!

Due to the power of his books, AE Van Vogt was marginalised as many Authors and Directors have been marginalised which I suppose is a euphemism for censored or banned.

I suppose Orson Welles is the most famous when after, "Citizen Kane"  Randolf Hearst bought his employers company - RKO, cut the hell out of, defaced,  his next picture, "The Magnificent Ambersons"  and fired his sorry ass.

Similarly Director Michael Cimino who got an Oscar for "The Deer Hunter" almost never worked again after movie, "Heavens Gate" (1980) which exposed the real story of a mini genocide by the elite in the range wars where assassins were hired to kill a death list of 150 people. When captured by the ordinary people the assassins and their leaders were pardoned by the Governor of the State and the President.

Similarly Norman Spinrad because he wrote the book, "Bug Jack Barron" (1969) exposing an immortality treatment for the elite using the bodily fluids of kidnapped children who were killed by the process of extracting them.

And Norman Spinrad's, "The Men in the Jungle" (1967) where our hero has to join an elite group of Satanic, drug addict, human sacrificing, cannibals who are in charge of a Planet, in order to destroy them.

The wonderful movies, "The Golden Compass" where the elite develop a process, "The Incision" to cut people off from their souls and "The Last Airbender" by Shyalaman where an elite want to take over the World by killing the Spirit but are stopped by the Avatar who develops the Heart of Resistance of all people, were successfully censored - by every reviewer of movies, all working for the state controlled media who said that the movies were very bad - please see them for yourselves..

Also "The Last Samurai" which was similarly defamed  by Every Reviewer leading to Tom Cruise - they fired his sorry ass.

Here the technique is that of paid negative reviews such that now the review process anywhere on the web cannot be trusted the same as the democratic political process. Indeed now instead of tens of authors with many false avatars, email addresses and countries, now they are using computers to write their vitriol automatically. Indeed if there are a lot of negative reviews we think with so much effort against, it must be good!! That the goodness in the movie must have earned its, "Badge of Honour" by being so vilified.

In this way New Line Movies who made the Golden Compass and who developed The Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy with the Weinsteins were all destroyed.

A big clear our of spiritual companies and producers by the elite.

Back to AE Van Vogt.. These Slans had the ability of telepathy.

Here is a quote from the book saying that Slans were more intelligent than humans as a human was more intelligent than a monkey, because of the intelligent, telepathic, "Inflow of nature" which meditation brings in to the Mind of the meditator. Not only intelligent, because of the nature of Energy Blockages, Slans were more moral and could not stoop to, "Dirty Tricks" of the normal human psychopath, as happened to Jesus Christ - Meditation leads to Perfection.

Not only that, in the book he said that some of the normal humans would become so jealous that they would try to kill off all of the Slans.

Remember the monkey from the Panchatantra in this book, "I suppose you think you're really good. don't you?"

Or the Myth of Hyacynthus killed through jealousy.

Jesus Christ was crucified, Buddha was poisoned because of this jealousy, because they said too much against, "Caesar".

The Movie, "Jumper"

 says there are ancient organisations created for thousands of years to assassinate these advanced evolutionary human beings, - "No-one but God should have these powers!"


Here is a quote from A. E. Van Vogt's Slan..

"I am giving you this information because apparently none of you has ever bothered to investigate the true situation as compared to popular beliefs. Take, for instance, the so-called superior intelligence of the Slan, referred to in the letter received from them today. There is an old illustration on that point which has been buried by the years; an experiment in which Samuel Lann, that extraordinary man, brought up a monkey baby, a human baby and a Slan baby under rigidly scientific conditions. The monkey was the most precocious, learning within a few months what the Slan and the human baby required considerably longer to assimilate. Then the human and Slan learned to talk, and the monkey was hopelessly outdistanced. The Slan and the human continued at a fairly even pace until, at the age of four, they both learned to read and the Slan's powers of mental telepathy began painfully to operate. At this point, the Slan baby forged into the lead just as a human who reads, forges into the lead and domination over those humans who do not read, or indeed those who only read State Controlled Media Corporate Propaganda.

'However, Dr. Lann later discovered that by intensification of the human baby's education through reading, it was possible for the latter to catch up to, and remain reasonably level with, the Slan, particularly in quickness of mind.

The Slan's great advantage was the ability to read minds, which gave him an unsurpassable insight into psychology and readier access to the education which the human child could grasp only through the medium of ears and eyes and books -- "

John Petty interrupted in a voice that was thick and harsh: "What you're saying is only what I've known all along, and is the main reason why we can't begin to consider peace negotiations with these ... these damned beings. In order for a human being to equal a Slan, he must strain for years to acquire what comes with the greatest of ease to the Slan. In other words, all except the minutest fraction of humanity is incapable of ever being more than a slave in comparison to a Slan.
Gentlemen, there can be no peace, but rather an intensification of Slan extermination methods."

It is the destiny of EVERY Human Being to use Telepathy, and then to become Enlightened.

We are all Slans.

But for those people who practise Energy Enhancement Meditation, consciously connecting with External Sources of Energy, the movement towards telepathy and Enlightenment is so much quicker!!

The advice of every Master of Meditation for thousands of Years to those who practise Yoga is, "Keep it secret, Keep it safe" - Gandalf, Lord of the Rings.

Those who know, do not say.

Thus the same advice from the very ancientmost of times - Practise Yoga, Practise Pranayama, Practise Meditation - but tell no-one you do it.. "Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe"

Matthew 6:
5 "When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.

6 "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

So, Energy Enhancement Meditation brings about a vast exponential increase in Intelligence - for Every Human Being who practises it.

Every human being is diseased with the burden of selfish desire. This mass of selfish desires is called the selfish competitive ego. Each energy blockage is a selfish desire therefore the total number of energy blockages is called the selfish competitive ego. The removal of every energy blockage is called Kaivalya, Moksha, Illumination, Enlightenment.. Energy Enhancement!!

Exponentially increase your Intelligence with Energy Enhancement Meditation, the only one which connects with Chakras above the Head and Below the Base.

Thus Energy Enhancement Meditation is a thousand times more effective than any other meditation, creating incredible results FAST!!


Energy Enhancement Meditation Course LEVEL 1 EIGHT INITIATIONS - POWER UP!! GAIN SUPER ENERGY with the Kundalini Key, the Kundalini Kriyas, Alchemical VITRIOL, The Kundalini Chakra, Quantum Jumping to The Infinity of Chakras above the Head, The Projection of Energy, and Psychic Protection.




Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book Four, Sutra 24. Though having countless desires or energy blockages, the mind-stuff exists for the sake of another (the Purusha, God, above the chakras above the head) because it can act only in association with It (Satchidanand - by being given energy by God).

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book Four, Sutra 25. To one who sees the distinction between the mind and the Atman, thoughts of mind as the Atman cease forever (The nature of the hierarchy of chakras once seen means the Atman, Purusha, God, work at a higher level than the Mind and indeed power the mind by sending divine energy and thoughtforms to it. The Mind is a reception apparatus).

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book Four, Sutra 26. Then the mind-stuff (The soul infused mind) is inclined toward discrimination (Discrimination of good and evil, of pure and impure. Here, Viveka, discrimination also includes a methodology of transmuting and removing the impure, leaving behind only the pure. As Manjusri wields the sword of discrimination, so the artificially created minds or sub-personalities are healed and integrated into the Soul Infused personality by the Energy Enhancement Seven Step process) and gravitates toward the purity of Absoluteness.

Originally Buddhism and the Buddha taught methods of Energy Blockage Transmutation and Removal included in the translation of the Sanskrit word, VIVEKA - DISCRIMINATION included in the Myth of MANJUSRI - is the SYMBOL OF BLOCKAGE REMOVAL WITH HIS SWORD OF VIVEKA OR DIS-CRIME-INATION - SINCE THE CREATION OF TRAUMA - FORMED NEGATIVE KARMIC MASS IS A CRIME

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book Four, Sutra 27. In between, distracting thoughts may arise due to energy blockages.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book Four, Sutra 28. Energy blockages can be removed, as in the case of the obstacles explained before. (See Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book 4, Sutras 1,2,10,11, and 26.)

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