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29. However DHARMAMEGA: “Cloud of Dharma” Samadhi speeds up, intensifies, and then finishes the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Energy Blockage removal process...

He who, due to his perfect discrimination - (The sword of discrimination is the ANTAHKARANA - the energy connection between all the chakras which feeds energy from higher to lower levels of the hierarchy) - this discriminative energy blockage transmuting flow of energy if maintained is called Dharma Mega Samadhi, is totally disinterested even in the highest rewards remains in the constant discriminative discernment, which is called dharmamegha (cloud of dharma) samadhi. Note: The meaning of dharma includes virtue, justice, law, duty, morality, religion, religious merit, and steadfast decree - Soul Infused.

DHARMAMEGA: “Cloud of Dharma” this samadhi encloses and includes all that can be known. Just as a cloud fills the heavens and with its rain quenches all thirst and soothes all dryness, this Samadhi expands as a mist through consciousness in an enlightening way. The action of Dharma Mega Samadhi is that a cloud of high frequency energy enters into Sahasrara Chakra, the Crown, "of Kings" Chakra from the infinity of, "Chakras Above the Head" which end in God. This energy is of such a high frequency that it has the ability to dissolve Energy Blockages without doing anything, just it enters into the body and we feel all the Blockages dissolving. And as we maintain ourselves in that state, so intuition also enters and we see the, "Golden Path" of our future. It is the next most powerful step after discrimination of the Energy Enhancement seven Step Process, in the removal of All Energy Blockages prior to Kaivalya or Enlightenment.

Another reference to dharma-megha-samadhi in classical Hindu literature is in Vidyara nyas Pancada si. In I, 60 he points out that dharma-megha-samadhi is the uppermost phase to arrive at in Yoga. He says that Samadhi is: “That state in which the mind progressively discards the concept of meditator and meditation ”. The effect of this Samadhi is the dissolution, the Transmution, of all Karma accumulated over immeasurable lives and the “expansion of pure Dharma.” Bhagavad Gita VI, 19 - or the Justice and Rightness or Righteousness, "That which must be" of the Soul or Monad.

The gap linking dharma-megha-samadhi with Kaivalya or Liberation is basically indiscernible. Dharma-megha-samadhi is the means by which contact with the high energy flow from the chakras above the head has the effect of unbinding the Energy Blockage manacles which distort and pervert our mind and which have the effect of stealing our spiritual, emotional, and physical energy, sending any arousal of energy back to the guy who made the blockage. It can be assumed that dharma-megha-samadhi, is a prolongation of the other, Kaivalya, as a same indissoluble spring.

Read about the necessity of removing all mind controlling, Energy Stealing Blockages, which manage all humanity..

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 KAIVALYA can be translated in many ways but the closest we can get in English is: Liberation, - from any Energy Blockage - All Energy Blockages have been dissolved from this lifetime and from all our previous lifetimes - unlimited oneness with God and the Chakra Supercomputers above the Head, faultless disinterest, sovereignty, a King, an Emperor.

It’s in other words by achieving the state of detachment due to the dissolvation of the stupidly desiring energy blockage mind control, it reaches the astonishing transcendental state.
Kaivalya, is the ultimate liberation, here there is no struggle, no need for escape or repression of emotion and feelings.

Dharma-Megha Samadhi is described by Patanjali: cloud bearing dharma Samadhi. For Patanjali the stages of Samadhi are all connected together. After sasmita comes asampranjta Samadhi of various forms, then viveka kheyati , the ultimate discrimination between the real and unreal, or prakriti and purusha. For all previous samadhi’s it is possible for the sadhaka to become attached and fall back to earlier stages, but after viveka kyeyati the vritti samskara energy blockages are burned and transmuted. Dharma-megha Samadhi is next in line, and finally Kaivalya, a non-dual state of complete isolation and liberation.

Now there is absolute scientific proof that a meditator is less prone to ulcers, less prone to heart attacks, less prone to high blood pressure. A meditator is less prone to many illnesses that happen ordinarily to everybody. A meditator is less prone to madness, to insanity, to neurosis, psychosis. And a meditator is certainly more quiet, calm, and collected. A meditator is more responsible. A meditator is more loving. And there is definite proof that a meditator lives longer than a non-meditator. A meditator has a higher I.Q., more intelligence, than a non-meditator, more vitality, more creativity.

Meditation is therapeutic. In fact, "meditation" and "medicine" come from the same root. Meditation is a healing force, because it relaxes you and allows nature to heal you. But that is not the primary benefit of meditation. It is just a side effect. The basic benefit is the entry into the divine. Self-realization. God-realization. Oh! the ecstasy of it, the blessing and the benediction of Dharma Mega Samadhi - the final release of all our Energy Blockage Chains.

And these are not assertions of mystics. Now scientific labs are producing papers, research work, theses, dissertations. Through scientific equipment, measurement, ways and means, now it is almost a certain fact that mind can exist in many wavelengths and meditation changes the wavelength. Meditation creates more "alpha" waves -- and alpha waves release joy, happiness, bliss, benediction.





Bhogar was the teacher of Patanjali. Bhogar transmigrated to the body of Lao Tsu where he taught Taoist Meditational Orbits. He was also the teacher of Babaji of the Himalayas Master of Yogananda who taught the Kundalini Kriyas - the same technique as the Taoist Meditational Orbits. Read it below.. BHOGAR -  The Tamil Siddar - Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Alchemy

Ramana Maharshi spoke his Samadhi experience which ended in enlightenment in the following words:
“It was in 1896, about 6 weeks before I left Madurai for good (to go to Tiruvannamalai – Arunachala) that this great change in my life took place.

I was sitting alone in a room on the first floor of my uncle’s house. I seldom had any sickness and on that day there was nothing wrong with my health, but a sudden violent fear of death overtook me. There was nothing in my state of health to account for it nor was there any urge in me to find out whether there was any account for the fear. I just felt I was going to die and began thinking what to do about it. It did not occur to me to consult a doctor or any elders or friends. I felt I had to solve the problem myself then and there.

The shock of the fear of death drove my mind inwards and I said to myself mentally, without actually framing the words: ‘Now death has come; what does it mean? What is it that is dying? This body dies.’ And at once I dramatized the occurrence of death. I lay with my limbs stretched out still as though rigor mortis has set in, and imitated a corpse so as to give greater reality to the enquiry. I held my breath and kept my lips tightly closed so that no sound could escape, and that neither the word ‘I’ nor any word could be uttered.

‘Well then,’ I said to myself, ‘this body is dead. It will be carried stiff to the burning ground and there burned and reduced to ashes. But with the death of the body, am I dead? Is the body I? It is silent and inert, but I feel the full force of my personality and even the voice of I within me, apart from it. So I am the Spirit transcending the body. The body dies but the spirit transcending it cannot be touched by death. That means I am the deathless Spirit.’

All this was not dull thought; it flashed through me vividly as living truths, which I perceived directly almost without thought process. I was something real, the only real thing about my present state, and all the conscious activity connected with the body was centered on that I. From that moment onwards, the “I” or “Self” focused attention on itself by a powerful fascination. Fear of death vanished once and for all. The ego was lost in the flood of Self-awareness. Absorption in the Self continued unbroken from that time. Other thoughts might come and go like the various notes of music, but the “I” continued like the fundamental sruti note which underlies and blends with all other notes”.

In this Samadhi Ramana was in the highest state of consciousness by an unbreakable connection with the chakras above the head, the central spiritual sun, the soul, the monad - absorbed in the energy of God.

Simultaneously he operated in the world in a more efficient manner. He naturally upheld the nirvikalpa samadhi state while concurrently socializing and working in the world. He was in this state while awake sleeping or dreaming, and employed the body as an ideal device to work in the physical plane.

In that state of connection with the chakras above the head one acts as everyone else except that in the deepest part of his being he is flooded with celestial enlightenment. Sahaja samadhi appears merely when oneness with the absolute is constant and unbroken. As the flow increases, dharma-megha-samadhi floods the bodymind creating freedom, liberation, Kaivalya, enlightenment.
The Islamist Sufi, Christian Devotional and Vaishnava Bhakti Schools describe Samadhi as an absolute absorption into an object of devotion, a deity in this case whether it is Krishna, the Virgin Mary or Carmina Burana - "The sight of God in a woman is the most beautiful of all" - Al Arabi.

They believe that instead of having the experience of "thinking of nothing,” a proper samadhi can also be accomplished through uncontaminated, unadulterated love of God leading to that very same experience. Although more dangerous because of the implantation of the Sexual Addiction Blockage in all forms, - Arabian, Chinese, Indian - of sexual tantra, in this way samadhi can be accomplished through meditation on the forms of God.

Many yogis, can leave their bodies and can intentionally die at will. - "You know I can kill you without turning a hair. You know I can let you do that without turning a hair" It is at this moment in time, that the essence of being knows himself to be connected indissolubly to the chakras above the head, and by being liberated from all body restrictions, he consciously merges perfectly into the awe-inspiring and luminous eternity. The personage rises above the worlds, far from karma and returns to vastness, assimilating transcendental Bliss forever.


30. From that samadhi all afflictions and karmas cease.

31. Then all the coverings and impurities of knowledge (The Negative karmic Mass which coats all energy blockages) are totally removed. Because of the infinity of this knowledge, what remains to be known is almost nothing.

32. Then the gunas terminate their sequence of transformations because they have fulfilled their purpose (All Negative Karmic Mass is transmuted and the energy blockage is healed and integrated).

33. The sequence (Of the healing of the energy blockages through a process which is that of the Gunas) means an uninterrupted succession of moments which can be recognized at the end of their transformations.

34. Thus, the supreme state of Independence, or Kaivalya, manifests while the gunas reabsorb themselves into Prakriti, having no more purpose to serve the Purusha. Or, to look from another angle, the power of pure consciousness settles in its own pure nature.

So concludes the Sutras of Book Four

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