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The Energy Enhancement Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Raja Yoga and Energy Blockages

1. Now, after all that, here are complete instructions to attain Yoga or Illumination.
After you have tried all the bad things and found they do not work to produce happiness and that the karma of your actions are immutable - Here are complete instructions on Enlightenment, on how to attain your Infinite Peace.

2. The Purification of the Energy Blockages within the mind-stuff is Yoga.
In Sanskrit, this sutra is.. Yogas Citta Vritti Nirodha
Yogas comes from the Sanskrit, "Yug" meaning Yoke.
The Image is that of the normal human Yoked in alignment with or in Union with the Infinite peace of the Higher Self - The Soul Chakra and higher chakras above the Head.
This Yoking or Union with the Higher self is Enlightenment.
At the end of the "Wizard of Oz" movie the guy driving the horse and carriage, with his big moustache is meant to represent Gurdjieff.
The traditional Picture from the Bhagavad Gita; of Arjuna - the good man and Krishna - his Soul - driving the chariot, yoked to the Horses of the emotions is symbolic of this Illumination.

 Yogasor Yoga really means Enlightenment - A connection with your Infinite Peace. So something has to connect with something. In alignment with the Holy Trinity or Sat Chid Anand these three things are really one in Enlightenment. God, the connecting ANTAHKARANA - a column of energy between heaven and earth and You. Problem is usually this connection is not in place. It is blocked off by Energy Blockages. Patanjali recommends techniques of Yoga and meditation in order to remove them and achieve unity, Illumination, Enlightenment, Your Deep Inner Peace!
Energy Enhancement recommends, in alignment with Patanjali the process of Meditation in order to remove these blocking Energy Blockages. Not just Meditation - Super Advanced meditation which quickly and efficiently removes all pain-caused Energy Blockages.
A Soul Infused Personality occurs when there is a fusion - a hot process like welding - with the already created and purified angel crystalline Soul Chakra above the head. This is allowed by experience creating the purity and alignment of the personality which is really a Mental Modification, in computer-speak a Virtual Machine, existing within the Citta, a God-Created chakra Computer given to each one of us at birth.
In normal humanity, many different Sub-Personality Virtual Machines exist within the one Citta-Computer.
The aim is to remove all negativity to achieve Unity!!
The Citta is the Mind Stuff which is an aligned crystalline chakra computer machine made up of pure Angels and thus is a purified mechanism in alignment with the will of God.
One of the many functions of this computer, usually prevented by the Vrittis -Sub-Personality-energy blockage-ego-desires, is connection with the Soul so that it can absorb the intelligent energy, which in Kashmir Shaivism is called Chit-Shakti, of all the Chakras above the head which directs the alignment of the human being with the will of God.
The Vrittis - Elron Hubbard 0f Scientology called them BTs or Body Thetans which are Energy Blockages because of the joke that BTs sounds is like Vrittis - are the Mental Modifications - computer programs within the Citta-Computer Mind stuff which, as they are created by us, are thought-form Sub-Personality Desires in many states of evolution or they are created by other people and implanted into our minds. This is the normal process of evolution where psychic structures within the mind are created to perform functions, they are your Talents. First, these functions are in states surrounded by a perverted substance called Trauma created impurity filled Negative Karmic Mass because it is created by Trauma or pain, or that which is against the will of God. We call this impure structure an Energy Blockage.
The process is that these perverted talents are then increased in size to create more functionality and then purified of Negative karmic mass in order to create a true purified talent in alignment with the will of God.
Nirodha, the Restraint of the Mental Modifications or Energy Blockages, involves evolutionary Purification and Alignment of the Human Created Mental Modifications which always start off as Energy Blockages or Angels surrounded with Negative karmic Mass which prevent the non-egotistical working of the mind, as with a purified and aligned mechanism which we are on the way to creating, through evolution of the thoughtform.
Purification, the removal of the Energy Blockages Trauma created Negative Karmic Mass.
And Alignment, the evolutionary adjustment of the impure Energy Blockages, impressions or samskaras, which create the symptoms of the Energy Blockages called Mental Modifications, so that it does not work egotistically against the Will of God which usually occurs through right knowledge created by experience which has the ability to beat the crap or Negative Karmic Mass out of the Blockages thus purifying them.
This process can be given as the normal karmic Alchemical purification of the Dross out of the Gold Ore, thus creating pure Enlightened Gold. As my Master - One of the Alchemical Tamil Siddars of South India - Swami Satchidananda, told me, "What is the way of the world for the purification of Humanity? First we heat up the Gold Ore to 1000 degrees and then we take it out of the furnace and put it on the Anvil. And then WE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!
Meditation as a means of purification, of course, is much more quick and Aesthetic!! than these painful and violent ways of the world which slowly purify by means of experience through the immutable laws of karma.
Karma returns experience, good for good, and bad for bad.
In the beginning the return is slow, but as we evolve the return becomes much quicker coming back even within a second if we are sensitive. It is like a car travelling a narrow road with walls at each side. It is a feedback mechanism so that if we turn off the straight and narrow then we hit the wall which returns us into the center of the road. "The road is straight and it is narrow with the thinness of a razor" - Jesus Christ
This slow method of experience created by karma takes many lifetimes as it removes that which is negative out of the impure personality thus purifying it for the Soul Fusion of Enlightenment.
Thus meditation as a means of removing and transmuting the trauma - formed negative karmic mass in seconds which through karma can take many lifetimes to do the same thing - if at all - Meditation can speed up the evolution of a person exponentially.
Rather than developing functionality slowly, we can remove the NKM from any blockage in ourselves or any other person, purify it through the Seven Step Process of Energy Enhancement Level 2, and plug it into our chakra structure thus increasing the size and functionality of our psychic bodies very quickly.
In this way we can attain the psychic body of an Ascended Master very quickly. An Ascended Master or Chohan channels energy to the earth from outside the planet. Oftentimes he is connected to his shrine or Mahasamadhi which energetically connects him to this earth.
3. Then the Seer (Self) abides in His own nature.
After the restraint through meditation of the Mental Modifications we need to purify and remove samkaras or Energy Blockages by purification of their trauma created, pain created, negative karmic mass we have a pure mind filled with purified Thoughtform Mechanisms.
At that point we have two chakras, the Crown Chakra connected to all the Seven Chakras in the body and the Soul Chakra. Like two neutron stars circling each other, eventually they combine and fuse together as one pure aligned crystalline matrix - non resistant to the energies of the higher chakras. We have come hOMe. We are living in the highest heart. We abide in our own nature.
"All sages and Saints for thousands of years live from Prajna Paramita" - Buddha, the Heart Sutra
When we have a perfect connection with all of the chakras above the head, by removing all the Energy Blockages between the chakras above the head and within the lower bodies, then we can easily put our attention in any level or chakra above the head.
If we choose to put our attention high then it is as if we can reside there.
That which is lower - the body - can disappear and leave us in Heaven. By projecting ourselves out of the purified body we can attain the same state that we attain normally when the body dies, thus, "Die before you die" of the Sufis. This ability normally appears before Illumination.
Abiding in your own nature means that you abide in your Deep Inner Peace.
4. At other times (the Self appears to) assume the forms of the Mental Modifications.
Normally the Energy Blockage samskaras - the seeds of desire either self created or implanted by others and their symptoms are in charge of us.
We operate through the Sub-Personality or Talent Blockages or the Mental Modifications of Energy Blockages, the Ego, not yet purified or healed or grounded of their Trauma Pain Caused Negative Karmic Mass.
Normally we exist in the Pain Body of Eckhard Tolle. We are surrounded by Pain filled Energy Blockages. We exhibit their form.
And not only us. Everyone on this planet lives their pain, exists in their pain, acts from their pain, some more than others.
If you want to remove all negativity and live in your Deep Inner Peace, Patanjali gives all the techniques. Energy Enhancement teaches them. Energy Enhancement Students quickly remove their Energy Blockages and achieve Unity; Deep Inner Peace!!
5. Their are five kinds of Mental Modifications which are either painful or painless.

They are:
  • Right Knowledge.
  • Misconception.
  • Verbal delusion.
  • Sleep.
  • Memory.
Here we are talking about the Evolution and purification of Energy Blockage Thoughtforms from those containing pain caused Negative Karmic Mass which can never be the truth - a misconception - to those grounded and purified of pain - Right Knowledge or the Truth. That which is in alignment with the Will of God.
The Angel created functionality which adds in to the chakras is either in alignment with God or painless as it has been purified of Trauma - formed negative karmic Mass or not in alignment with God as it is striated with and surrounded by Trauma - formed negative karmic Mass.
. The sources of right knowledge are:
  • Direct perception.
  • Inference.
  • Scriptural testimony.
Direct Perception, Intuition or the use of Hypothesis, which is the start of Intuition or Direct Perception, is the Psychic Power of being in communication with the truth, or God.
Inference is the use of the mind to check this Hypothetical intuitively given truth.
Scriptural Testimony is when that truth, spoken by an Enlightened saint is written down - and this truth should always be checked against Direct Perception, because it is very easy for this Scriptural testimony to be misunderstood, mis - explained, mistranslated and otherwise corrupted by a line being added or taken away as so very often happens - thus Scriptural Testimony can easily be misunderstood.
. Misconception occurs when knowledge of something is not based upon its true form.
What is the truth? well it is that which can never be changed and the only thing which never changes is God. God is an infinity of chakras above the head and he communicates by energy stepped down through all the other chakras. When that energy is distorted by being transmitted through Trauma or Pain caused Negative Karmic Mass which coats all Blockage Thoughtforms then it is not true, it is misconceived. It is created a lie by being transmitted through a lie.
. An image that arises on hearing mere words without any reality (as its basis) is verbal delusion.
. That mental modification supported by cognition of nothingness is sleep.
The finest highest energy is God. The buddhists refer to it as, "Nothing" or Nirvana. Thus, "I know nothing" is a Zen joke as it really means, "I know God" Most people refresh themselves every night in sleep when they get in contact with the energies of God.
11. When a mental modification of an object previously experienced and not forgotten comes back to consciousness, that is memory.
12. These mental modifications are restrained by practice and non-attachment.
Meditation - this and the following sutras are talking about Meditation and Mastery of Energy Connections beween people which is the way we are vampirised of our Bio-Energy by everyone around us. Energy Enhancement Level Four teaches about the Mastery of the non - attachment of Energy Connections and the Mastery of Relationships.
13. Of these two, effort toward steadiness of mind is practice.
14. Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.
15. The consciousness of self-mastery in one who is free from craving for objects seen or heard about is non-attachment.
16 When there is non-thirst for even the gunas due to realization of the Purusha (true self), that is supreme non-attachment.
The Gunas are Tamas - negativity, Rajas - Action with a little Negativity, Sattvas - Purity. These Gunas are constituents of Nature. All Nature can be discerned as torpid slothful Tamas or active directionless Rajas or Pure and Purposeful Sattvas. Not only can human beings be discerned as being in the state of one of the Gunas, but also energy blockages too. As we purify them, they go through all the Guna transformations untill they are completely purified.
As we transmute Energy Blockages by means of the Energy Enhancement Level 2 Seven Step Process then the Energy Blockages too transmute in stages like those of the Gunas. It is a little bit like the Battle between Merlin and the Witch in Disneys Cartoon about the young King Arthur, "The Sword in the Stone" where they transmute from animal to animal as they fight. Eventually Merlin turns into a virus and defeats the wicked witch by giving her dragon transformation a cold!!
Indeed reference to the Gunas in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali means we are in the realm of blockage transmutation by means of the Samyama of Patanjali Book Three, which progress quickly during the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process to purify and transmute Energy Blockages. In the terms of this sutra, normally we need to focus when we transmute a blockage. This sutra is saying that around one who is enlightened, everything functions naturally by itself without thinking about it. Around every enlightened being is a tornado of energy, the Buddhafield, which naturally transmutes everything which comes into it. This is supreme non-attachment.
17 Samprajnata samadhi (distinguished contemplation) is accompanied by reasoning, reflecting, rejoicing and pure I-am-ness.
Samadhi means Sam - with, Adhi - The Light. "Brighter than 10,000 suns it shines alone" Connection with the Chakras above the Head.
18 By the firmly convinced practice of the complete cessation of mental modifications, the impressions only remain. This is the other samadhi (asamprajnata or non-distinguished).
The Vrittis or Mental Medifications are merely symptoms of the underlying samskara Energy Blockages or the seeds of desire. As these symptoms die away, sometimes the blockage desires of the selfish addicted competitive ego are hiding.
19. Those who merely leave their physical bodies and attain the state of celestial deities, or those who get merged in Nature, still have rebirth.
There are some bad people who train only to achieve siddhis or psychic powers and not to complete this course of Yoga and become enlightened. These people are afraid of dying. The only legitimate method of going through the death process without losing your memory is to become enlightened. All else fails eventually. They can project themselves out of their physical bodies and horribly enter into the bodies of others lifetime after lifetime. Carlos Castaneda says some Brujas can project themselves onto the astral plane and live in privately created universes - in the state of celestial deities - for hundreds of years. But they can only do this by cutting themselves off from empathy by implanting their heart chakras with implant Energy Blockages and by cutting themselves off from their souls and their conscience by implanting Energy Blockages above their crown chakras, the higher the implant, the worse the person. But they can only maintain this state by vampirising the energies of their human cattle. This is but a temporary ploy. All of them fail to maintain these states, "They still have rebirth" is the promise of Ascended Master Patanjali. Ascended Masters and other White Magicians are the necessary Karmic antidote for these types of people.
20. To the others, this asamprajnata samadhi could come through faith, strength, memory, contemplation or by discernment.
21. To the keen and intent practitioner this (samadhi) comes very quickly.
22. The time necessary for success further depends on whether the practice is mild, medium, or intense.
23. Or (samadhi is attained) by devotion with total dedication to God (Isvara).
24. Isvara is the supreme Purusha, unaffected by any afflictions, actions, fruits of actions or by any inner impressions of desires.
Isvara is the highest chakra above the head, the supreme purity. When we purify the ANTAHKARANA of all of its Energy Blockages we become aware of our connection to God. The standard Hindu sayings are.. "I Am that" and "You are that also" which we only realise in Illumination.
25. In Him is the complete manifestation of the seed of omniscience.
26. Unconditioned by time, He is the teacher of even the most ancient teachers.
27. The word expressive of Isvara is the mystic sound OM. (Note: OM is God's name as well as form.)
28. To repeat it with reflection upon its meaning is an aid.
OM is a guided meditation to enable connection with the chakras above the head. This is reflection on its meaning.
OM is composed of three syllables A, U and M and we chant in the order of those syllables. A concentration on vibrating the base chakra and connection with the center of the earth. U moving the vibration up to concentration on vibrating the heart chakra. M concentration on vibrating the brow, ajna chakra, then sahasrara chakra and then as the breath fails, projecting mentally a steam of energy towards the higher chakras above the head. To the Central Spiritual Sun of Gurdjieff, "Brighter than 10.000 suns it shines alone!" To the Soul Chakra and higher.
29. From this practice all the obstacles disappear and simultaneously dawns knowledge of the inner Self.
The Practise of Meditation has been used for 5000 years by all the Enlightened Masters. It is faster than Hatha Yoga or Pranayama which too are wonderful helps to attain the state of Meditation
30. These distractions of the mind-stuff are the obstacles.
  • Disease
  • Dullness
  • Doubt
  • Carelesssness
  • Laziness
  • Sensuality
  • False perception
  • Failure to reach firm ground
  • Slipping from the ground
31. Accompaniments to the mental distractions include:
  • Distress.
  • Despair.
  • Trembling of the body.
  • Disturbed breathing.

32. The practice of concentration on a single subject (or the use of one technique) is the best way to prevent the obstacles and their accompaniments....

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